I think Sam and the lads got more than they bargained for when they started the last phase of the jungle that was my garden, which is literally full of chalk! But bless them, they worked like trojans through the hottest of days with candid humour and camaraderie. They were all so good natured and easygoing that it made the whole experience better than I'd anticipated. Considering the work involved, I'm quite in awe that they still got it done in 5 days. Sam kept me fully informed when I was at work and was quick to respond to me. I am so impressed with how different my garden looks now, that they've unknowingly changed my attitude to what I want to use the space for now. Luckily my garden is done now, cos they'd likely run a mile if I had more to do 😂 but I will wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone, first time everytime. Thanks so much guys.