About White Cliffs Landscaping

The name White Cliffs came from when my daughter & I go bike riding to South foreland light house, at the top of the cliffs and also I did a fencing and decking job at the bottom of the cliffs and also had to find out who owns the cliffs as I had to drill the bottom of the cliffs to fit a wall plate.

My back ground started off in Security work on board the Sea France boats out of Dover in the Duty free, I then went on to work for Fine view landscaping and Ashford landscapes for Ashford Borough Council, from there I moved onto the railway for 18 years as a maintenance engineer.

Taking care of the train lines 24/7 in any weather condition making sure that everyone gets home safe every day. 

Health and Safety being my main focus and still is as it should always be, making sure all of my work is carried out as Safely and to the highest standard.

I was a controller of site safety so responsible for all ground crew and machines on site, from leaving the railway I have come back in to fencing and landscaping.

I really like the idea of working with customers to achieve their outside space ideas and giving them new ideas that we can work together and achieve an awesome outcome for everyone to enjoy.


First Aid At Work
Level 3

Tourniquet Trained

Diploma Business Administration
Level 2

Information and Communication Technology
Level 1

Working Near Adjacent to DC Conductor Rails

Professional Practice And Personal Responsibilities In Health And Safety
Level 2

Professional Practice And Personal Responsibilities In Internet Safety
Level 2

Health And Safety In a Business Environment
Level 1

Employee Right And Responsibilities
Level 2

Apprenticeship In Business Administration

Health and Safety Induction

Working at Height

Pandemic Awareness

Asbestos Awareness

COSHH Awareness

Manual Handling Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Rail Safe Cut (disc saw trained)
Certification No. 1200507

Moving & Handling

Lone working

Legionella Awareness

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